Core Team

Rahul Suresh

Team Lead

Tech Enthusiast | Flight Simulationist | Verified Youtuber

Kushagra Aggrawal

Creatives And Photography Lead

Divergent thinker | Aesthetically-inclined. The one word that makes my personalities different from others, is complexity.

Sapan Desai

Corporate Lead

Risk Taker Adventurer | Globetrotter | Living my dreams

Siddhesh Razdan

Corporate Lead

Possessed to solve real world problems • Football addict • Boujee Goals

Antas Sinha

Corporate Lead

Tech enthusiast, Loves to read and write when not working I'm either making music or exploring my gastronomical desires.

Blessin George Varghese

Technical Lead

Yogesh Yadav

Technical Lead


Dev Aryan Shrivastava

Technical Member

Aniket Sinha

Creatives and Photography Lead

Satyam Goyal

Creatives and Photography Member

Aflah Nazer V P

Corporate Lead

Devahuti Gogoi

Corporate Lead

Atishay Jain

Corporate Lead

Lavisha Gera

Corporate Member

Rishabh Madani

Corporate Member